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Dama Cheese Ball "Shanklish Syrian Cheese" 150g

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Shanklish "Lactic cheese"

It got different names شنكليش in Arabic,  Sorke in Turkish.  

Our Award-Winning Lactic cheese, also known as acid-set cheese, differs from the firmer rennet-set cheeses in that it relies primarily on bacteria to convert lactose into lactic acid, causing the proteins to bind together and form a curd.

For lactic cheese, the milk takes much longer to coagulate, typically 16-24 hours, and requires a much higher acid level of 0.4-0.5% (pH 4.8-5.0). In contrast, rennet-set cheese coagulates within just 10-30 minutes and requires very low acid levels of 0.17-0.15% (pH 6.5-6.6).

Due to the higher acidity, lactic cheese forms a weaker curd, as much of the calcium that normally helps form firm cheese bonds is lost with the draining whey. Consequently, only small cheeses can be made, and spontaneous drainage is the only means of moisture removal, as pressing cannot be used.

Lactic curds are ladled in larger masses for whey drainage and are not cut, unlike rennet-set cheese. They can either be pre-drained in cloth bags or ladled directly into small molds for draining.

Lactic cheeses are typically very fresh-tasting, high-moisture cheeses with a pronounced lactic acid flavor. A classic example of this is goat's milk Chevre, though the focus here is on making lactic cheese from cow's milk.

Shanklish Cheese got creamy rich gradually flavour released, when you taste it you will find smooth  flavour coming through,  then it developed to sharp zesty taste to end up with a kick of chilli at the end. 

- You can serve it on Cheese board with Crackers.