Squeaky Cheese School Recipes Ideas

Squeaky Cheese School Recipes Ideas

Yorkshire Dama Cheese Lunch Time Recipe Ideas

With a little bit of normality slowly coming back to our lives as schools and workplaces begin to open, it’s time to start planning healthy lunchtime recipes for you and your family. 

At Yorkshire Dama Cheese we have an array of healthy and delicious recipes for you to try using our scrumptious squeaky cheese!

Ways to encourage your children to eat healthily

Encouraging your children to eat their packed lunches is a chore for many parents, especially when they are filled with healthier food options. Getting into the swing of going back to school will have come as a shock for most after the longest summer holidays that we could ever imagine, so ensuring that lunchtime will be both exciting and nourishing for your children is the key to happier school days!

A great way to ensure an empty lunch box and a full stomach is by being creative with healthy recipes. Using bright colours and shaping foods with fun cutters to be more appealing for your little one will make any vegetable based meal instantly temping. Try hiding ingredients which your child often refuses to eat by cutting into small pieces or combining them into a sauce or puree. 

Another way to establish healthy eating habits is by leading an example for your child. Ensuring that midweek meals remain balanced and include plenty of fresh ingredients will allow your child to become accustomed to eating healthy dinners and most importantly begin to enjoy them!

Quick cooking techniques for early mornings

Meal prepping is a life saver for busy families and modern living. Preparing lunch the night before can save a lot of time when it comes to early mornings and can also allow an extra few minutes in bed! However, be sure to keep all meals sealed to ensure they stay fresh until the next day. 

Additionally, if you are looking to save time, try creating a list of meals or certain foods that are loved by everyone in your family. This way, you can avoid hungry tummies and guarantee happy children. Having a list of dinner ideas is also a great way to save money when it comes to food shopping as you are less likely to buy ingredients which will end up wasting in the bin! 

Quick cooking techniques for early mornings

We have collected 3 simple recipes which take no longer than 30 minutes each to prepare and are packed full of nutritional value. From sweet to savoury, there is something for all the family to enjoy!

Squeaky Cheese Wraps


2 slices of Yorkshire Dama Cheese

1 tbsp olive oil

1 flat bread/pita/wrap

2 roasted peppers (pre-cooked)

2 aubergines (pre-cooked)

Squeeze of lemon


Heat the oil in a pan or grill, cook the squeaky cheese for a few minutes until golden on both sides

Take the pre-cooked vegetables and cut into smaller, appetizing shapes. Then heat in the pan with the cheese

Squeeze the lemon over the ingredients for taste

If using flatbread or pita, warm them up in the toaster for a couple of minutes and fill with the cheesy ingredients

Squeaky Salad


Yorkshire Dama Mint Squeaky Cheese


1 tbsp honey

A squeeze of lemon

1 tbsp olive oil

½ cucumber

1 cup cherry tomatoes


Start by preparing the vegetables by cutting into bite size pieces

Heat the oil in a pan and grill the squeaky cheese for a few minutes on each side

Brush the lemon juice and honey onto the cheese as it is cooking

Once cooked, combine the squeaky cheese with the fresh ingredients and season to taste

Squeaky Sandwich


1 avocado

1 lime

Yorkshire Dama Squeaky Cheese

1 tbsp olive oil

Small baguette

400g chopped tomatoes

Red chilli

Grated ginger

1 star anise

250g caster sugar

Squeeze of lemon


Prepare a tomato jam the night before, which can be used for up to two weeks. Simply add the chopped tomatoes, a small amount of grated ginger, red chilli flakes, star anise, a dash of lemon juice and caster sugar to a pan and simmer until a jam like consistency is created. 

Then, scoop the avocado into a bowl and mix with the lime juice

Heat the olive oil in a pan and grill the squeaky cheese for 2-3 minutes on each side

Cut the baguette in half and spread on the tomato jam. Next, add the avocado and top with the grilled squeaky cheese

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