Spooky yet squeaky Halloween food ideas

Spooky yet squeaky Halloween food ideas

Create the ultimate halloween food with a squeaky cheese platter

Halloween 2020 is going to be quite different from the celebrations we are used to. At Yorkshire Dama, we hope to provide you with the best Halloween at home you can possibly have, from squeaky cheese platters, to DIY Halloween games and activities - we have got you covered!

Spooky Halloween Snacks

Just because our usual Halloween parties may be cancelled, it doesn't mean that we can't have an at-home celebration shared with our loved ones. This week’s blog will bring you some fun food ideas, using our Yorkshire Dama Cheese, to add a dose of spooky, squeakiness to your home cooked party snacks!

Here are some Halloween cheese board ideas we are loving for this scary season.

Vegetarian Ghost Smoked Squeaky Cheese Bites -

This cute ghostly snack is a perfect addition to your Halloween cheese board. 

Start by slicing aubergine into thin slices, drizzle with oil and grill for 2 mins on either side. Next, take our Smoked Yorkshire Dama Squeaky Cheese, (which is currently 10% off as part of our halloween offer), and simply cut out little ghost shapes from the cheese using a sharp knife and dry them off. Then, poke out two small holes for eyes and add to the grill pan for 2 mins. To complete your ghoulish snack, wrap each piece of squeaky cheese with the aubergine and dig in!

These spicy cheesy fingers are a perfect party food selection! To create, use our scrumptious Chilli Flake Squeaky Cheese, (which is also included in the 10% Halloween offer), and cut into finger-like strips. Then, coat with egg and breadcrumbs, deep fry and serve with chilli jam.

Coffin Shaped Cheese -

To complete your chilling cheese board, cut your favourite flavoured Yorkshire Dama Cheese into tiny coffin shapes, serve with crackers, as well as a selection of breads or dips to finish. For an extra seasonal touch, decorate with mini pumpkins, fake spiders or skeleton pieces.

Additional Snacks - 

There are many other buffet spread ideas to help you create the ultimate Halloween night in. The easiest dish to recreate is a packed pumpkin - fill the pumpkin with your favourite choice of hummus or dips and serve with vegetable sticks or toasted pitta bread. Delicious!

Another fun way to spice up your party spread is with a spider web themed, cheesy pizza! Carefully arrange small pieces of cheese in the shape of a web and use olives to form your spider.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with festively decorated cakes and biscuits. Experiment with your food, but most importantly - enjoy!

At Home Halloween Activities -

Firstly, trimming your home with Halloween decorations is the best way to set the spooky mood, while carving pumpkins is a creative tradition and something all the family can enjoy.

If your local neighbourhood does not have a plan in place to keep the kids entertained, yet COVID safe, during trick or treating in 2020, why not try this year’s trend of “ghosting”? To get involved, make a bag of goodies for a friend or neighbour with a note on telling them to pass it on, and join in on this festive way to spread some Halloween cheer.

Having a Halloween movie night is a perfect excuse to pig out on your favourite treats and snuggle up on a cold October night. Stick Hocus Pocus on the TV and enjoy an indulgent platter of delicious snacks, whilst snuggled up safe at home.

Finally playing a Halloween trivia game or Halloween bingo is great for all the family, play a halloween playlist to really set the spooky mood. 

Happy Halloween to you all!

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